Employee Participation

With the GmbH-token, you can easily set up an employee participation program, which saves time and costs.

With the Tokenize.it employee participation program, you can take care of your team and incentivize them by utilizing tokens. With our platform, you can create your employee participation program digitally. Benefit from the optimized legal setup for GmbHs, which includes contract templates that don't require notarization. Keep track of your tokens conveniently on the dashboard. You maintain full control over your tokens and the associated smart contracts.

For further legal information please visit the CMS blog (German content).

Can I incentivize freelancers who work on the project as a founder?

Yes, even employees who are not traditionally employed can participate in the employee participation program.

What is the difference from ESOP and VSOP?

First and foremost, it is important to note that your employees receive options for GmbH-tokens. These tokens are liquid and potentially tradable on a secondary market, which is typically not the case for ESOP and VSOP programs.

Each employee can decide when they want to convert vested options into GmbH-tokens and can trigger this process independently through the platform.

GmbH-tokens are ideally the instrument that your investors hold. This creates a potential market of equal assets for all stakeholders. Additionally, GmbH-tokens, unlike traditional ESOP or VSOP programs, have the ability to participate in profit distributions that are not related to an exit.

Ultimately, the Tokenize.it solution can save you the repeated trips to a notary and associated costs that you may have with ESOP programs.

How big does my team need to be to set up the employee participation program?

You can use Tokenize.it with as few as one team member.

Can tokens be issued after the program has started?

Yes, additional tokens can be issued even after the start of your employee participation program, for example, as bonuses or for special occasions.

Can I determine the cliff and vesting myself?

As a founder, you have control over the framework and can determine the cliff and vesting yourself.

What tax considerations should I be aware of as a founder?

Our contract drafts have been designed and tax-optimized by an international law firm. For specific tax-related questions, please consult your tax advisor.

What technical requirements do they need?

We recommend a cold/hardware wallet, but your team can also log in using Google Login.

How does the onboarding of employees work?

Once you have set up the employee participation program, you can send personalized links via email to your team. Additionally, you will send a personal password via a separate channel to grant them access to their tokens.

How do I create the employee participation program?

First, sign up on the Tokenize.it platform and go through the onboarding process. In this step, you'll undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) identification process and create your contract documents, including the allocation agreement for employees.

After successful onboarding, you can create individual invitations for employees to participate in your company. You will now define the conditions, such as cliffs and vesting duration, for each vesting plan for your employees.

What documents do I need to provide to my employees?

Your employees will receive digital versions of all relevant documents, including the allocation agreement, shared through the platform. The contract is legally binding once signed digitally. To comply with the Proof of Delivery Act, it is additionally recommended to share a handwritten, signed version of the allocation agreement with the employees after signing and have them confirm its receipt.

What documents do I need as a founder to start the employee participation program?

You will need a commercial register excerpt, a list of shareholders, and information about the economically entitled parties of the company. You'll also need your ID for identification (KYC-process), your company logo, and contact information. Tokenize.it provides draft contract documents for free on the platform.