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Built on Ethereum
Optimized for German companies


The new standard
for investments

We enable everyone to become a co-owner of a company.

Company participation
with GmbH-Tokens

Our platform offers a straightforward path to profit-sharing for investors, employees, the community - from friends and family to professional investors. Companies create their own, platform-independent, GmbH-Token (Security-Token).

The investment process is greatly simplified and is 100% digital, without the need for a notary, allowing you to onboard investors at any time.

By using the platform, you receive the appropriate contractual framework to launch your GmbH-Token.

For Founder

Funding and employee participation 100% digital
Simple, fast, and without a notary
Standardized contractual framework

For Investors

Company participation 100% digital
Compliant investment flow without notary costs
Receive tradeable GmbH-Tokens

Our partners

The simplest way for
GmbH participations

The fastest and simplest path to a token-based
and legally compliant participation in your GmbH.

  • Platform dashboard for GmbH-Token management

  • Standardized contract templates

  • Issue profit participation rights - no need for a notary

  • 100% digital issuance

Winner of the Paris Blockchain WEEK Awards 2024

Best Regulatory
Innovation in

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Our customers

Transparent, audited
& open source

Align founders, employees, investors, and supporters towards a common goal through GmbH-Token.
With our non-custodial platform you can offer GmbH-tokens to easily raise funds, let employees participate in your company's success and manage your token pool with precision. Every change in your token pool happens seamlessly on Tokenize.it.
Our smart contracts are open-source:
Technical audit
Technical audit
User identification

Our Investors

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