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your engine
of growth

Token-based employee participation
simple, secure and fast

Involve your team
quite simply

Recruiting good employees as a founder is a challenge. You want talent that brings experience and expertise, but the burn rate and the shortage of skilled workers don't make it easy. Token-based equity solves this problem.

With tokenized company shares, you can:

Attract talents
Build trust
Motivate your team in the long term
Increase employee satisfaction
Establish a connection to the company
Enhance the attractiveness of your company
Align employee and company goals
Allow participation in the company's success and wealth creation for your team.

Improved liquidity for your employees

With Tokenize.it, you can quickly, easily, and securely set up and manage your employee participation digitally. Setting up your employee participation program is done 100% digitally without a trip to the notary. Tokenize.it offers a legal setup optimized specifically for GmbHs (Limited Liability Companies in Germany) with tailored contract templates.

Improved liquidity through tokenization: While traditional participation models often offer limited flexibility in terms of disposal, the technology behind tokens enables significantly increased liquidity. This means that, depending on the specific terms of your employee participation program, your team has the opportunity to trade their tokens.

3 simple steps to your
employee participation program

Create company
Define a
vesting plan
Invite employees
via link

Get started

Create your employee participation program entirely digitally. No paperwork, no lengthy meetings. And the best part? Thanks to our GmbH-optimized legal setup with tailor-made contract templates, everything is legally compliant and yet effective without notarization.

What do I need for that?

  • Secure hardware/cold wallet for your company
  • Extract from the commercial register of your company
  • Some time to review the contract templates
  • Company information for the KYC process

Winner of the Paris Blockchain WEEK Awards 2024

Best Regulatory
Innovation in

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For Startup

Pay as you go.

(spare 16%)
one time payment

per employee - lifetime

Blockchain & minting fees covered

Configurable cliff & duration for each employee

Contract templates included

Start now

For Employees

free of charge

Transparent, audited
& open source

Align founders, employees, investors, and supporters towards a common goal through GmbH-Token.
With our non-custodial platform you can offer GmbH-tokens to easily raise funds, let employees participate in your company's success and manage your token pool with precision. Every change in your token pool happens seamlessly on Tokenize.it.
Our smart contracts are open-source:
Technical audit
Technical audit
User identification

A GmbH-Token can
do so much more!

Explore the web3 ecosystem

Behaves as "programmable equity"
Automatically reward early adopters
Secondary market
e.g. trade on DEX/CEX
Usable within DeFi
e.g. collateral for a loan

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