Private Offer

We know your time is money. That’s why our process is tailored for startups: fast and secure onboarding, at a fair price.

Fee: 2% of the issued tokens, paid by the company and 2% of the investment sum, paid by the investor.

Employee Participation

Supercharge your engine of growth - your employees! They are your most valuable asset.

Fee: 2% token, paid by company.

For companies at or below 20 employees:

1.000 € set up fee
1.000 € annual fee upfront or 100€ monthly

Above 20 employee:

50€ setup fee per employee
50€ annually (or 5€ monthly) per employee as an ongoing fee

Public Fundraising

Fee: 15.000 € 15k one-time structuring fee (incl. regulatory review and approval fees)
6% cash
2% tokens