Private Offer

The GmbH token simplifies participation in your company and provides improved liquidity and a high level of transparency.

With Private Offer, you can enhance the efficiency of your company's financing by issuing GmbH-tokens instead of rigid shares. You run a white-label version of our platform and are able to create your investment offer within minutes and invite up to 149 supporters within this limit no prospectus is required by the BaFin and friends based on your own terms to become investors via personalized offer links. The contract signing process is fully digital and does not necessitate an appointment with a notary. offers a specially optimized legal framework for GmbHs, including customized contract templates. Costly pooling vehicles like SPVs or funds are no longer necessary.

Requirements: You already know the investors. Your investors have access to a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

How does the onboarding process for Private Offer work?

You can download the PDF here, which explains the steps you will go through in the onboarding process. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email:  hi(at)