Crowdinvesting is intended to allow you to launch crowd investing campaigns based on GmbH-tokens. We are currently working on making this vision a reality.

Which companies can use crowd investing?

Your company must be a registered GmbH in Germany.

What documents do I need to start crowd investing?

Commercial register extract, list of shareholders, information about the economically entitled persons of the company, your ID card for identification, securities information sheet (WIB), company logo, and contact information. provides drafts of the contractual documents through the platform free of charge.

How do I create a crowd investing campaign?

First, you sign up on the platform and go through the onboarding process. In this step, you undergo the identification process (KYC) and create your contractual documents, submitting your Securities Information Sheet (Wertpapierinformationsblatt, WIB) to the regulatory authority. After approval from the regulatory authority, you can generate invitations for investors to participate in your company. You now set the parameters, such as the validity period of the investment offer, price, etc., and can share your fundraising campaign on your company website, social media channels, etc..

Is there a maximum amount for crowd investing?

The funding amount in a campaign may not exceed 8 million Euros.

Can investors outside of Germany invest?


Does promote my fundraising campaign?

Currently, does not offer a service to promote crowd investing. We provide you with the infrastructure to create and manage your GmbH tokens. However, you can use the links generated on the platform to share them in your networks, enabling your investors to onboard quickly and easily to make investments.

What do I need to consider for tax purposes?

Our contract drafts have been prepared by an international law firm and optimized for tax purposes. For specific tax-related questions, please consult your tax advisor.