Webinar on May 29

Webinar on May 29

With Tokenize.it, you can make your company's financing even more efficient by issuing up to 8M EUR in GmbH tokens to professional investors and retail investors instead of inflexible shares. The contracting process is 100% digital and does not require a visit to the notary. Tokenize.it offers a legal setup optimized specifically for GmbHs (limited liability companies) with tailor-made contract templates.

🔹Use GmbH tokens and say goodbye to inflexible shares or convertible loans

🔹Continuous, public fundraising instead of rigid financing rounds

🔹Create an offer that allows investments from as little as 200 EUR

🔹GmbH-optimized legal setup with contract templates without notarization

🔹Digital signing of the investment via the platform

🔹Keep a continuous eye on your cap table and your tokens


🟢 GmbH-Token Concept

🟢 Regulatory Framework for Security Tokens

🟢 Crowdinvesting with GmbH-Token

🟢 Product Demo Tokenize.it Platform

🟢 Q&A

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May 13, 2024

Moritz Neven
Moritz Neven

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