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Miljn is an AI-powered knowledge organization tool that helps experts effectively structure and leverage their knowledge. Using proven modeling techniques, experts can share their knowledge in the best possible way. Instead of sifting through millions of mediocre results, users get the best results from experts and AIs that are perfectly tailored to their challenges. This saves time and puts the focus on action rather than wasted time on research. This strategy allows users to better track their goals, monitor their progress, and receive updates to stay on track. Enjoy reading the interview with Miljn Founder & CEO Olaf Birkner.

1. When was the company founded?

We always found our ventures during Kieler Woche so that we can celebrate the anniversaries properly: 21.6.2021

2. What kind of product do you offer?

Miljn is a knowledge format that makes expert knowledge immediately available.

3. How did you come up with the idea for your product?

A group of experienced consultants who have been advising on complex management situations for more than 20 years introduced us to visual methods from the 1990s. We were impressed by how quickly we were able to orient ourselves in difficult and unfamiliar situations using these methods. We further developed the techniques and updated the user experience and interface to the current standards. In 2023, we integrated AI technology with these methods, resulting in impressive outcomes.  

4. How did you become aware of

By Larsi! ;)

5. Can you explain the motivation behind choosing this method of capital acquisition?

We believe that every economy, without exception, will become decentralized. This will have an impact on the knowledge economy which currently faces significant limitations. One of the biggest challenges facing the knowledge economy is the use of artificial scarcity strategies. This approach is commonly used in professions such as law, notary, management consulting, scientific publishing, and even within companies where employee experts are involved. Fortunately, blockchain-based models offer new opportunities to implement superior incentive and reward systems that align individual and societal goals.

6. Could you elaborate on the response from your investors regarding the introduction of the GmbH Token?

Miljn has prepared an internal whitepaper for a future token utility model that involves expert knowledge distribution. The convertible loans have already been established as SAFT agreements and all the investors are from the blockchain economy. An AI investor would be a great addition to the team, as we believe in the convergence of AI with blockchain.

Our impression of the process has been great so far. For example, I created the shares for Lars Schulze during a call with him. After his acceptance, I confirmed receipt of payment, and the contracts were sealed during the call, the deposit was credited, the tokens were transferred, and the transaction was complete. To be honest, we've all been dreaming about this since we first had to go to the notary.

More information about Miljn

Find out how Miljn works in this video. Want to try it out straight away? Then follow this link. Stay up to date and follow Miljn on LinkedIn.

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March 26, 2024

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