MetaBrew - Tradition meets Innovation

MetaBrew - Tradition meets Innovation

MetaBrewSociety consists of seven friends united by a passion for excellent beer, Web3 and NFTs. Founded in April 2022, MetaBrewSociety quickly evolved into an impressive success story. The company stands out not only for its wide range of products, from beer to beer mix drinks and soft drinks but also for its innovative approach to raising capital. With the financial support of private investors, they were able to acquire a brewery in Bavaria in August 2022. With over 1,000 NFTs sold, they have become one of the most successful German-based NFT projects and the world's first Web3 brewery. Their unique combination of traditional brewing and innovative financing has inspired thousands of customers in over 40 countries, and their fan base continues to grow. In our interview, we learn more about MetaBrew's inspiring journey and the pioneering decisions that have led to its extraordinary success.

What kind of product do you offer?

We are a brewery and offer beer, beer mix drinks and soft drinks. The difference between us and a traditional brewery is that we have started a fundraising campaign by selling NFTs. Each NFT holder is entitled to 60 cans of beer per quarter, delivered to their home free of charge. This has enabled us to find almost 800 unique NFT buyers internationally in more than 40 countries. Our community is a kind of focus group for us to understand the regional, national and international beverage market and to provide appropriate products for it.

How did you come up with the idea for your product?

After the NFT bubble reached its peak in 2021 and a large number of NFT projects entered the market in the second half of the year, most of which had the sole purpose of stealing or defrauding participants, every member of our founding team, unfortunately, had to go through painful experiences as well. In light of this, we wanted to show proof and a positive example of how the underlying - in our view ingenious - blockchain technology can deliver value and benefits in the real world.

How did you become aware of

I had heard about it from time to time, as Christoph Jentzsch certainly has a very good reputation and is a German legend in the Ethereum environment. However, the decisive contact was made through Holger.

Can you explain the motivation behind choosing this method of capital acquisition?

Giving our crypto-savvy core community access to company shares through this innovative approach is logical. In addition, it provides an opportunity for audiences not yet familiar with crypto to become more familiar with the subject.

Could you elaborate on the response from your investors regarding the introduction of the GmbH Token?

"Tokenize opens up a straightforward and accessible opportunity for holders of MetaBrew Genesis NFTs to seamlessly engage in a deeper connection with our favourite brewers. It's a great, user-friendly experience that makes Web3 more accessible. I've already recommended it to friends of mine." - Peter Kirwel, Investor

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January 15, 2024

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