Krekeny: Customized software

Krekeny: Customized software

"Unique experiences must be made tangible and perceptible for people," is Krekeny's motto. The founding team from Offenbach am Main develops customized software solutions. They always focus on the needs and expectations of the customer - and more importantly, the person behind the screen.

This is why the team also offers individual consulting on technical issues, with a particular focus on the customer's goals. Krekeny is currently developing a digital assistant that helps identify trustworthy content. The aim is to bundle content across platforms and make it available to users.

The team is thus committed to combating fake news and protecting users from dangerous content. The team has big plans: in future, the platform will also be expanded for creators.

We spoke to the founders about the product and their vision. 

When were you founded?

In April 2021, originally as a service provider in the field of frontend web development.

What kind of service do you offer?

Our product redesigns access to online content - safe, personalized and without undesirable content. It offers a digital assistant that protects users from dangerous content, puts content in context and completes tasks.

How did you come up with the idea for your service?

The main motivation was the fragmentation of the internet and users' lack of control over their data, as well as the challenge of identifying trustworthy content on social media and news platforms. We want to actively combat fake news and strengthen the media literacy of our users.

What is your vision/mission?

Our vision is to create a user interface that adapts to the individual needs of the user. We want to give users more control over the content they consume online and improve their media literacy through a content verification system.

Who is your target audience?

Our main target group is people between the ages of 20 and 40 who use several social media accounts.

The octopus as a mascot stands for the ability to make connections that matter.

What does your roadmap look like?

We are currently developing our MVP in order to launch it on the German market. After the MVP, we plan to expand our product to include a platform for creators. This platform will enable users to manage and play out all their cross-platform content in one central location.

How did you find out about

While searching for a vehicle for smaller investment opportunities, we came across various types of investment companies and As developers, we immediately found the concept of tokenized business shares interesting. We already had the idea of our own token, so came in very handy.

What prompted you to use this method of raising capital?

The use of GmbH tokens seemed to us to be a modern, simple way of raising capital that eliminates the need to go to a notary. We are in favor of less bureaucracy and support faster, simpler processes.

What was the reaction of your investors to the introduction of GmbH tokens?

The reaction was mostly positive, for example one quote from an investor: "That's really modern - I only understand half of it, but it's probably the future".

Find out more about Krekeny, on the web, on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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June 6, 2024

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