Essential Hacks for Startup Founders

Essential Hacks for Startup Founders

Essential Hacks for Startup Founders

Developing your own business idea, launching a company, and leading it to success - that's the dream of countless entrepreneurs. However, the path to success is far from smooth, and there are several hurdles to overcome. It is inevitable that mistakes will be made along the way. But instead of feeling ashamed, they should be embraced as a valuable opportunity for growth and improvement. Nevertheless, it is advisable to try to avoid mistakes as much as possible as they cost time and money, which can create unnecessary problems, especially during the early stages of your startup. That's why in this blog article, we give you six tips to avoid mistakes when setting up your startup.

Additionally, our CEO, Christoph Jentzsch, will be sharing two exclusive tips. Christoph gained experience as an entrepreneur with the successful exit of his web3 startup "" and has since become an influential business angel.

Customer Orientation

Your business idea may possess great potential, but it's true value lies in the hearts and minds of your customers. Without their unwavering support, even the most brilliant concept can wither away. This is why your customers should always come first in all decisions that involve your product, service, or business model. Especially when developing products or services, it is crucial to have a customer-centric approach. It is essential to address a specific problem that customers encounter and are willing to invest in resolving. Identifying this pain point and aligning the development of the product or service with it is essential for success.

Target Audience Analysis

As the creator of a business idea, it is natural to believe in its functionality and to assume that potential customers are willing to pay for it. However, the perceptions of your target audience may differ from this assumption. As mentioned in our first tip, it is crucial to solve a problem that resonates with your customers. That's why it is essential to know your target audience and their unique characteristics. Consequently, conducting a comprehensive target audience analysis should be a high priority when starting your own business.

Unfortunately, such target audience analyses are often conducted superficially, and the identified customer problems are based more on gut feelings than on facts. Yet, a thorough and in-depth target audience analysis is of great importance to adapt to the needs of customers. It is also important to know that the target audience and its characteristics can change constantly. Therefore, this analysis should be regarded as an ongoing process, consistently revisited to ensure you remain attuned to evolving customer dynamics.


Documentation plays an indispensable role in startups, yet its significance is frequently underestimated. Especially in the seed phase, it enables the establishment of a solid organizational structure that is invaluable for product development and process optimization, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Furthermore, good documentation proves essential when drafting contracts and conducting shareholder meetings to avoid misunderstandings. It also contributes to a  professional image by ensuring a deep understanding of the company's figures and processes. Comprehensive documentation not only preserves valuable knowledge, but also improves teamwork and strengthens the trust among external partners, investors, and potential customers.

Financial Overview

Sooner or later, every startup will need financial resources to grow. Therefore, it is of great importance to always keep track of your financial situation. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to answer questions about your company's value, the stakes held by various parties, and your revenue figures immediately. Investment opportunities can arise unexpectedly, and the ability to respond confidently in such moments can make the crucial difference in closing a deal. It is also essential to know your key performance indicators (KPIs) to make informed entrepreneurial decisions. This is where comes into play: it supports you in digitally capturing your cap table, helping you keep track of your finances and company equity.

Seize Every Funding Opportunity

"As a founder, you are always selling. If a business angel wants to invest, you should give them the opportunity immediately, not in the next planned round," emphasizes Christoph Jentzsch, founder and CEO of As mentioned in the previous tip, investment opportunities can arise at any time, and as a founder, you should always be prepared to onboard potential investors. Securing Funding ranks among the highest priorities for founders. Ideally, you close the investment while still engaged in conversation with the interested party. But how can you close an investment within a few minutes?

With, you can create a complete investment offer digitally within minutes. Using a simple link, you gain the opportunity to send the investment offer to the potential investor, allowing them to quickly accept the offer and invest. You as a founder are completely independent of traditional funding rounds and can react immediately to investment opportunities.

Invest in Your Team

Personnel costs are bound to be the most substantial expenses for your startup, but cutting costs on salaries can be a big mistake. A competent team and outstanding talent are crucial to ensuring the success of your startup. Particularly in challenging phases, a solid team can make the difference in overcoming crises.

Finding and retaining qualified professionals is often a challenge for startups, as they may struggle to compete with the salaries offered by larger companies. Therefore, it is advisable to consider employee participation as a means to motivate and retain your team in the long run. Christoph Jentzsch supports this idea: "As a founder, you have to assemble a team that has all the skills to fulfill your mission. Making startups successful is a tough task, so you need a very good and motivated team. Because often you can't afford that in the early stages, employee participation is essential."

To address this, offers an ideal solution to easily and digitally involve your team in your startup. It provides a platform where team members can actively participate and contribute, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment that drives the success of the venture.


In conclusion, the journey of building a successful startup is filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. Embracing mistakes as learning experiences and avoiding them whenever possible is essential, as they can cost valuable time and money, especially in the early stages. Prioritizing customer orientation and conducting a comprehensive target audience analysis are essential for developing products or services that address specific customer needs. Maintaining thorough documentation fosters efficiency, teamwork, and trust among stakeholders, while staying on top of the financial overview and seizing funding opportunities are vital for sustainable growth. Finally, investing in a competent and motivated team, considering employee participation, and utilizing platforms like can contribute to long-term success by attracting and retaining top talent.

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January 15, 2024

Moritz Neven
Moritz Neven

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