Many customers are currently considering buying an electric vehicle. But what if the current car still has a few good years ahead of it? The green tech startup e-REVOLT is addressing precisely this issue: they are working on converting cars with an old combustion engine into fully equipped electric vehicles.

The aim is to offer customers a cost-effective alternative to buying a new electric vehicle. And, of course, to give some of the cars they have already taken to their hearts a second life. The startup thus follows the belief that the continued use of existing vehicles is the best solution for preserving the car as an important part of a sustainable mobility ecosystem. 

During the conversion, a large part of the existing vehicle continues to be used. This saves both money and valuable resources and reduces the CO2 footprint of mobility. The simple and certified process is implemented in partner garages and includes a comprehensive guarantee for buyers.

The market launch is scheduled for early 2025 and the conversion is to be extended to many popular vehicle models. We spoke to the founding team about the start-up and their vision for the company.

When were you founded?

We founded our start-up e-REVOLT in 2021.

What kind of service(s)/product(s) do you offer?

e-REVOLT is an innovative provider of sustainable mobility solutions. With our patented technology, cars can be converted into digital, upgradeable electric vehicles within one day.

What is your vision and mission?

Our goal is to strengthen modern individual mobility by transforming the car into a circular economy. This means that car owners no longer have to buy a new car to change a few features. For example, the form of the drive, the connectivity or the assistance systems.

Who is your target group?

Our target group is all those who would like to bring their car up to the latest state of the art, but don't want to buy a new car. We offer an inexpensive, fast and unbeatably sustainable alternative.

What does your roadmap look like?

The first pilot customers have already signed the purchase contracts. They will receive their conversion at the beginning of 2025. The market launch for the general public will take place at the end of 2025.

Quelle: e-REVOLT, founder team Rolf Behling, Sebastian Hunold, Stefan Sellschopp

How did you come up with the idea for your service?

The idea came from one of our partners who needed to change a printer cartridge. Here, you just change the cartridge instead of buying a new printer. Why didn't such a standardized procedure exist yet if you want to switch to an electric car? That was the starting signal for e-REVOLT.

How did you hear about Tokenize.it?

As is so often the case, it was through hearsay. One of our shareholders had already been in contact with Tokenize.it via other start-ups and drew our attention to the possibility of a token-based form of investment. The solution sounded exciting, so we started talks with Tokenize.it.

What prompted you to use this method of raising capital?

Over the months, we have received many inquiries regarding the possibility of support and participation from future customers, business partners and other interested parties. However, the traditional ways of increasing capital, changing to a public limited company (“AG”), etc. are sometimes associated with immense time and costs. The token-based investment is a simple, transparent, secure and, above all, flexible solution. That quickly convinced us.

What was the reaction of your investors to the introduction of GmbH tokens?

Our seed investor, Walden Holding GmbH, was very positive about token-based financing. The owner Jörg Walden has been very actively involved with the advantages of tokenization for many years, also in INATBA, and immediately recognized the potential of this innovative solution.

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Published on

June 3, 2024

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