DiBooq - The Vacation Rental Network

DiBooq - The Vacation Rental Network

Innovative property management

DiBooq was founded in September 2019 by Ralf Spielvogel and Sascha Füller in Potsdam and offers two property management systems - one for holiday homeowners and one for holiday home agencies. Both systems are integrated into a holiday rental platform and allow for efficient management of bookings, live availability and information exchange within a network. Unlike traditional booking portals, DiBooq revolutionizes the process by digitally streamlining real-time interaction among stakeholders, allowing accommodations to be offered directly through the network. Compared to competitors, DiBooq is characterized by the connection of all stakeholders on one platform. For owners of vacation properties, the platform offers centralized occupancy management, direct booking processing and an up-to-date occupancy calendar, which leads to higher occupancy rates, time savings and additional income. Since its launch in November 2021, more than 2,000 property owners and over 100 agencies in 60 different countries have been using DiBooq Property Management Systems.

DiBooq founders Ralf Spielvogel and Sascha Füller

When was the company founded?

We founded DiBooq in September 2019.

What kind of services do you offer?

We have two property management systems. One for vacation homeowners and one for vacation home agencies. Both systems run on the same platform. One of the advantages of this is that we can also offer new accommodations to vacation rental agencies.

How did you come up with the idea for your service?

Sascha and I started a vacation home agency before DiBooq and realized that we were missing the live connection to the availability of our owners in all software systems. That's how we came up with our first ideas on how to solve this problem.

DiBooq App, Source: DiBooq GmbH

How did you become aware of Tokenize.it?

Through one of our business angels who had invested in a startup (reignite), which was the first startup ever to tokenize shares through Tokenize.it. That was very exciting for us.

Can you explain the motivation behind choosing this method of capital acquisition?

First of all, to reach new groups of investors. After the first 3 tickets of 25,000€ each, I can say that Tokenize.it has been a complete success for us so far. We will now also map our second ESOP program through Tokenize.it.

Could you elaborate on the response from your investors regarding the introduction of the GmbH Token?

There was a lot of interest in this new form of investing in startups. I asked Christoph to present Tokenize.it to our investors. Almost all investors attended and there were interesting questions. This indicated to me that this form of funding will become more relevant to the startup ecosystem in the coming years.

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January 15, 2024

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