Cooperation with AuditOne

Cooperation with AuditOne

We understand the importance of security on the web3 and take the auditing of our smart contracts very seriously.

That is why we are very pleased to partner with AuditOne to bring the security of to a new level.

AuditOne deals with the professional auditing of Smart Contracts in the Web3 environment.

What does this partnership mean for us?

1) Improved auditing: With AuditOne's expertise, we improve the audit process and thus the security for our users.

2) More trust: AuditOne's audits underline our high quality standards and ensure greater transparency of our smart contracts.

3) More security in Web3: This cooperation emphasizes that we stand for a secure, transparent and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem.

We look forward to working together and making Web3 a little bit more secure!

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January 15, 2024

Moritz Neven
Moritz Neven

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