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Tokenize.it smart contract audit at a glance

In version 5 of the Tokenize.it smart contracts, we've introduced thoughtful and substantial enhancements to further refine our platform. Version 4 was as solid as we hoped it would be, so we could continue building on it to carefully extend the feature set we can offer. We will highlight some of the changes below. 

Token Snapshots

The integration of snapshots in our token system marks a significant step towards more efficient management. A snapshot stores the token balances of all addresses for future reference on-chain. It can be created quickly and documents eligibility for possible future rewards, like dividend distributions or airdrops.

Token Proxies

Tokens are now deployed in an upgradeable way. While we currently have no plans to use this feature, this will allow founders in the future to upgrade their contracts. This reflects our commitment to long-term stability for founders, even in a changing technical and regulatory landscape.

New Vesting

A smart contract for vesting and lock-up of tokens tailored to our customers' needs. Including enhanced privacy (storing the hash of the vesting parameters until executed).

Enhanced Factory Functionality

Introducing powerful factories like 'PrivateOfferFactory' simplifies complex processes like investing and creating a token lockup in one transaction. This makes for more efficient and user-friendly experiences.

Advanced AllowList Capabilities

With ERC2771 compliance and improved address management features, we make AllowList management easier. This enables us to offer company-specific AllowLists while keeping the seamless, gasless experience we offer throughout our platform. 

Customizable Fees

Our new FeeSettings contract allows for greater flexibility, catering to the diverse needs of our clients with customizable fee structures.

Dynamic Crowdinvesting

By introducing dynamic pricing and automatic stop dates, we're providing a more responsive and user-centric approach to crowdinvesting. Companies can now automatically increase or decrease the price of their token for the campaign.

Trusted Currencies

The existing AllowList is now used to mark currencies as trusted. By focusing on trusted ERC20 implementations, we're providing a safeguarded environment for financial exchanges. 

These updates, crafted with our users in mind, ensure that Tokenize.it remains a leader in tokenization platforms, offering unparalleled efficiency and ease of use.

For further technical information please have a look at the audit summary.

Published on

January 11, 2024

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