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Built on Ethereum
Optimized for German companies

Tokenize your company

Fundraising, employee participation
& Crowdfunding with GmbH-Token

Manage every change in
your cap table with ease

Built for the builders. Focus on doing deals
- we'll take care of the rest.

ready to use
Create private offers
Offer tokens with a personalized link at predefined terms to an investor.
Let employees participate
Offer tokens with vesting schedules, cliffs and more to your team.
Raise continuously
Perfect alternative to traditional funding rounds. Raise continuously and update token terms as needed.
Ready to use
Stay compliant
We provide professional legal templates and audited smart contracts.

Let everyone participate

Align founders, employees, investors, and supporters
to join your mission by making them co-owners.

One token to unite them all

Private offer

Close faster and create a personalized
investment offer in minutes

Set your terms:
amount & price of tokens
lockup period
expiration date
Ideal for Business Angels, Friends and Family, as well as VCs.

Employee participation

Create ownership by offering tokens with profit participation rights

Set your terms:
amount of tokens
vesting schedule
Tax optimized. No dry income, as each employee chooses when to mint their tokens and as a result incur the tax liability.
coming soon

Public fundraising

Raise continously on your terms, at your pace. Crowdfunding, but better.

Set your terms:
price per token
max. amount to be sold
min./max. per investor
Pause offer or change terms as needed.

Add an "invest now" button to your website. Allow qualified investors to invest directly.

Be the first to know
about new features


Transparent, audited
& open source

Align founders, employees, investors, and supporters
towards a common goal through GmbH-Token.
With our non-custodial platform you can offer GmbH-tokens to easily raise funds, let employees participate in your company's success and manage your token pool with precision. Every change in your token pool happens seamlessly on
Our smart contracts are open-source:
Technical audit
Technical audit
coming soon

A GmbH-Token can do so much more!

Explore the web3 ecosystem

Behaves as "programmable equity"
Automatically reward early adopters
Secondary market
e.g. trade on DEX/CEX
Usable within DeFi
e.g. collateral for a loan

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