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friends & family

Token based GmbH Investments
Easy, fast and secure

As simple as it can be

With Tokenize.it, you can make your company financing even more efficient by issuing GmbH tokens instead of inflexible shares. Create your investment offer in just a few minutes and invite up to 149 supporters - friends and family, business angels and VCs - to become investors through personalised offer links. The contract signing process is 100% digital and does not require an appointment with a notary. Tokenize.it provides a specifically optimised legal setup for GmbHs with tailored contract templates. Costly pooling vehicles like SPVs or funds are a thing of the past.

3 simple steps

Create an investment offer
Review legal setup
Invite investors via link

But why?

Imagine your company operating in a world where transferring value is as easy as sending an email. With the numerous advantages of token-based investments, this world becomes a reality. The GmbH token not only simplifies the setup of corporate ownership but also provides enhanced liquidity and a high level of transparency.

What you need to get started:

  • Secure hardware/cold wallet
  • Commercial register extract of your company
  • Some time to review the contract templates
  • Company information for the KYC-process

Onboarding Guide

read now and get started

Winner of the Paris Blockchain WEEK Awards 2024

Best Regulatory
Innovation in

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A price that fits exactly to your startup.

For Startups

Your comprehensive platform for friends and family rounds with a structured value-based pricing model

customized pricing starting with 1 Mio Euro raised

of the investment sum
Start now

For Investor

free of charge

Transparent, audited
& open source

Align founders, employees, investors, and supporters towards a common goal through GmbH-Token.
With our non-custodial platform you can offer GmbH-tokens to easily raise funds, let employees participate in your company's success and manage your token pool with precision. Every change in your token pool happens seamlessly on Tokenize.it.
Our smart contracts are open-source:
Technical audit
Technical audit
User identification

A GmbH-Token can
do so much more!

Explore the web3 ecosystem

Behaves as "programmable equity"
Automatically reward early adopters
Secondary market
e.g. trade on DEX/CEX
Usable within DeFi
e.g. collateral for a loan

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